1) Pla muak kratiem Crispy squid dusted with salt and pepper, tossed with spring onion and chilli ! 6.50
2) Pak chup A selection of vegetables coated in a crisp tempura batter (v) 5.45
3) Satay gai Grilled chicken skewers marinated in tumeric, lemongrass and coconut, served with peanut sauce 5.95
4) Poh pia pak Crispy spring rolls filled with vegetables and vermicelli (v) 5.45
5) Tempura goong Tiger prawns coated in a light crisp bread crumb 6.50
6) Tod man kao pod Deep fried sweet corn, onion and spring onion mixed with red curry paste (v) 5.95
7) Tod man pla Deep fried fish cake, lime leaf and red curry paste 5.95
8 ) Dim Sum Steamed porkĀ dumplings with sweet soy sauce and crispy garlic 5.95
9) Yum phed Shredded duck, spring onions and cucumber, topped with hoi sin sauce, served in a lettuce basket on crispy noodles 6.95
10) Peek gai tod Deep fried chicken wings marinated with garlic, salt and pepper, served with sweet chilli sauce 5.95
11) Kha nom pang na goong Sesame prawn toast with a Thai sweet chilli sauce 5.95
12) Satay pak Tofu and mixed vegetables, fried until crispy in a special batter and served on bamboo stick with homemade spicy dipping sauce (v) 5.95
13) Poh pia ped Crispy duck spring roll served with hoi sin sauce 6.50
14) Goong pao Grilled tiger prawn on skewers marinated in garlic, black pepper and soy sauce, served with homemade spicy dipping sauce 6.50
15) Hoi Tod Deep fried mussels in light batter, stir fried with red chilli, Thai herbs and chilli paste!!! 6.50

Sharing Platters

16) The vine mixed platter A selection of authentic thai starters: thai fish cakes, chicken satays, sesame prawn toasts, vegetable spring rolls, deep fried dumplings and spicy prawn crackers 6.50 per person (minimum 2 people)
17) Mixed platter jay Vegetarian mixed platter: tempura vegetables, vegetable spring rolls, sweetcorn fritters and satay pak skewers. Served with satay sauce and homemade spicy dipping sauce (v) 6.00 per person (minimum 2 people)
18) Ped krob Aromatic crispy duck with cucumber, spring onions, hoi sin sauce and steamed pancakes(v) 12.95
19) Miang Gai Stir fried chopped chicken breast with sweet turnip, shiitake mushroom, garlic and chilli, served with lettuce cups and crispy noodles ! 12.95


Served with seafood 6.95, chicken 5.95 or button mushrooms 5.45

20) Tom yum Hot and sour clear soup flavoured with lemongrass, coriander, red chilli, galangal and lime!!!
21) Tom kha Hot and sour soup with coconut milk, flavoured with lemongrass, coriander, red chilli, galangal and lime!!


Served with a choice of vegetable 7.95, tofu 8.45, chicken 8.95, pork 8.95, beef 8.95, prawns 9.45 or seafood 9.95

30) Kaeng kiew wan Green curry with red peppers, pea and thai aubergines, bamboo shoots and sweet thai basil!!!
31) Kaeng massaman Mild curry from southern Thailand with coconut milk, cinnamon, onion, diced potato and topped with peanuts!
32) Gang pah Jungle curry cooked without coconut milk, with red chilli, fresh shredded krachai, baby corns, green beans, peppers and bamboo shoots!!!!
33) Kaeng kare Mild yellow potato curry with onions and crisp shallots!
34) Panang Creamy curry with red chilli, onions, lime leaves, coconut milk and chilli oil!!
35) Kaeng dong Thai red curry with sweet Thai basil, lime leaves, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergines, green beans, red and green peppers!!!

(rice served seperately)

Stir Frys

Served with a choice of vegetable 7.95, tofu 8.45, chicken 8.95, pork 8.95, beef 8.95, prawns 9.45 or seafood 9.95

40) Pad ped gaprow Green beans, garlic, red chilli and crispy holy basil leaves!!!
41) Pad khing Ginger, peppers, black mushrooms, onions and spring onions
42) Prik thai kratiem Stir fried spring onion, cracked black pepper, garlic, onions, coriander, soy sauce and oyster sauce, served on crisp lettuce!
43) Pad med mamuang himmaparn Cashew nuts, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, spring onions and peppers in a light soy sauce
44) Pad nahm man hoi Onions, broccoli, mushrooms, spring onions, garlic and peppers in oyster sauce
45) Pad preaw wan Onions, peppers, cucumber, tomato and spring onions with sweet and sour sauce
46) Pad prik onn Fresh red chilli, onions, green beans, peppers in hot chilli sauce!!

(rice served seperately)


50) Pla tod makam Crispy fried whole sea bream, served on crisp lettuce, topped with a sweet tamarind sauce and fried shallots 13.95
51) Pla takrai Steamed fillet of white fish with spring onions, rice wine and ginger served on a bed of chinese leaves 11.95
52) Pla krob sam ros Deep fried battered white fish pieces, topped with hot sweet chilli sauce and crispy basil, served on crisp lettuce!!! 11.95
53) Chu chee goong Large king prawns in light batter topped with creamy Thai red curry sauce, fresh chilli and lime leaves!! 10.95
54) Prew wan moo krob Sweet and sour crispy pork 9.45
55) Kow pad the vine The vine special stir fried rice, with tiger prawns, chicken, onion, fresh chilli, broccoli and Thai basil in soy sauce!!! 9.45
56) Talay krata Sizzling mixed seafood stir fried with peppers, onions, carrots in red wine sauce 10.95
57) Phed makam Roasted duck sliced over crisp lettuce topped with sweet tamarind sauce 11.95
58) Phed pad hed horm Roasted duck with shitake mushrooms, ginger and sliced bamboo 10.95
59) Phed nam dang Sizzling duck with pineapple, onion, green and red pepper topped with red wine sauce 11.95
60) Devil curry Dry Thai curry, with chicken and prawns, stir fried with potatoes in our homemade spicy curry paste (turmeric, galangal, lemon grass, garlic, dried chilli and shrimp paste!!!! 9.45
61) Chilli gai Crispy chicken stir fried in sweet chilli sauce, served on crisp lettuce!! 9.45
62) Pla krob tao jeaw Deep fried white fish in batter served on lettuce, topped with a homemade spicy curry paste (turmeric, galangal, lemon grass, garlic, dried chilli and shrimp paste) !!!! 11.95
63) Sizzling weeping tiger Grilled sirloin steak marinated in thai pepper sauce, served with onions , green and red peppers topped with rice wine on a hot skillet with spicy tamarind dipping !!! 13.95
64) Goong krata Large grilled king prawns, topped with a garlic and pepper sauce, served with onions, green and red peppers on sizzling pan !! 10.95
65) Goong nam bauy Tiger prawns in light batter, stir fried with pineapple, onion, tomato, spring onion, cashew nuts, green and red peppers in plum sauce 10.95
66) Pla kra tiem Deep fried battered white fish on a bed of lettuce topped with garlic and pepper sauce ! 11.95
67) Kang dang phed Roasted duck in thai red curry sauce, with cherry tomato, pineapple, bamboo shoot, aubergine, green and red peppers !!! 10.95
68) Moo krob pad ped Crispy pork stir fried with garlic, fresh and dried chilli, spring onion, green and red peppers and green beans served on lettuce !!!! 9.45
69) Kow pad the vine jay Stir fried rice with tofu, egg, mixed vegetables, onions, green beans, fresh chilli and thai basil in spicy dark soy sauce (v) !!! 9.45
70) Rainbow fried rice Egg fried rice with diced sweet corn, carrot, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, green and red peppers, topped with sweet corn cakes and served with chilli sauce (v) 9.95
71) Tao hoo pad sarai Stir fried tofu, seaweed, fresh chilli, peppers, onions, green bean in chilli oil sauce (v) !!! 9.45

(Rice served separately, except no 55, no 69 and no 70)

Noodle Dishes

Served with a choice of vegetable 7.95, tofu 8.45, chicken 8.95, pork 8.95, beef 8.95, prawns 9.45 or seafood 9.95

80) Pad thai Rice noodles stir fried with turnip, spring onions, egg and bean sprouts in pad thai sauce, served with ground peanuts and sliced lime
81) Pad chow min Egg noodles stir fried with spring onions, carrots, bean sprouts and light soy sauce
82) Udon Soft Japanese noodles stir fried with onions, peppers, egg, spring onions and bean sprouts served with Thai chilli sauce
83) Pad kee mao Egg noodles stir fried with fresh chilli, peppers, broccoli, onions, baby corns and egg, topped with crispy basil!!!!
84) Kao phad suparod Fried rice with pineapple, onions, tomato and cashew nuts with sweet and sour flavours


90) Gai yang yum mamaung Grilled chicken tossed in a salad of mango, coriander, cherry tomato, mint, onion and a spicy Thai dressing!!! 9.45
91) Tao hoo yum Crispy tofu, onion, coriander, mint, cucumber, cherry tomato, carrot and bean sprouts tossed in spicy Thai dressing!!!(v) 9.45
92) Gado gado Crispy tofu tossed in lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg topped with peanut dressing (v) 9.45


100) Mee pad see iew Stir fried noodles with egg, bean sprouts and spring onion 3.50
101) Kao kati Thai fragrant cocunut rice 3.25
102) Kao kai Thai fragrant egg fried rice 3.25
103) Kao sway Steamed thai fragrant rice 3.00
104) Roti canai Malaysian layered bread 3.25
105) Pad gaprow hed Mushrooms and green beans with green chilli, onions, garlic and thai holy basil 4.25
106) Pad kao pod onn Sweetcorn, with garlic, sesame oil, light soy and oyster sauce 4.25
107) Pad pak ruam Stir fried vegetables in oyster sauce 4.25
108) Hed pad kanah Broccoli, shiitake mushroom and ginger stir fried in light soy sauce 4.25
109) Pad tua ngok Stir fried bean sprouts and spring onion in light soy sauce and oyster sauce 4.25
110) Kao kriab goong Spicy prawn cracker with sweet chill sauce 2.50
111) Chips 3.00
112) Curry sauce Thai curry sauce, choice of green curry or yellow curry 2.50


200) Glouy tod Banana fritters in coconut and sesame seed batter, drizzled with honey served with vanilla ice cream 4.50
201) I – dim tod Deep fried ice cream topped with raspberry sauce and whipped cream 4.95
202) Roti wharn Sweet Malaysian layered bread with vanilla ice cream 4.50
203) I-dim Choose from: vanilla, strawberry or Belgian chocolate ice cream 4.00
204) Chocolate fudge cake Warm rich chocolate fudge cake served with vanilla ice cream 4.50

How hot is your Chai Yo dish?

! warm

!! warmer

!!! hot

!!!! hottest

(v) vegetarian


Food allergy notice: please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients: peanuts, soybean, wheat, sesame seed, shell fish, eggs and milk. For details of these allergens, please ask to see our fact sheets or speak to a member of our staff

Gluten free oyster sauceĀ  and vegetarian oyster sauce available on request

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